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Greek Pan Seared Salmon over Bed of Five Cheese Mashed Potatoes & Sauteed Spring Onions & Spinach


Smoked BBQ

Moist chopped brisket


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"Chef Daniels should be burnt

at the stake..."

Chef Daniels should be burnt at the stake....because he is clearly a witch when it comes to BBQ. His 36 hour brisket is insane - I have never tasted anything that comes close. His pulled pork is just stunning - soft, juicy, full of flavors and simply blows away any of the competition. His beans have serious game - unbelievable taste that he manages to achieve using no meat! As for his BBQ sauce....just sit me and tub of it in the corner with a spoon and I would be in heaven. I am not sure if I should eat it or take it to the bathroom to make love to it...

So maybe not burn him at the stake for being a witch. Just celebrate his witchiness by eating all of his food!!!!

J. Green

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