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Founded in 2020.

EXECUTIVE CHEF DANIELS cooks Italian, Spanish, and American cuisine, but his passion lies with Mediterranean and French flavor infusion. He graduated from Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in London and was the Assistant to Executive Chef Eddie Pazzo in Spago, Chicago (3 Michelin Star Restaurant). 


Earlier in life Chef Daniels was also part of an award-winning, Chicago based, BBQ team competing in Kansas City. The amazing flavor he offers is greatly influenced by Chef Daniel's southern mother, fine cuisine experience, & good 'ole competition! He brings his Pit-Master skills to you. His authentic, wood smoked BBQ is in a class by itself.

For us food has always represented family, love and celebration - precious moments when differences are put aside for the greater purpose of preparing and enjoying the exciting flavors of food together. We wish to make a memorable, heart-warming experience available to ALL our customers when they taste our food prepared with the same intention. 

Whatever the setting, we provide an excellent, personalized and friendly experience. We very much look forward to meeting, getting acquainted, and cooking for you!

David & Sharon
(Veteran and Woman owned business.)

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